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Without Challenge, Nothing Changes

Thoughts from Jeni Wilcock, Director, Sullivan Dewing, on #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge

IWD is about celebrating and honouring. Celebrating our connections with each other, our friendships, our successes, our challenges and our inspirations. It is about honouring the people that fought for equality, the people that chose to challenge. Without the challengers, the disruptors, nothing changes.

A year ago this event was almost cancelled as the COVID pandemic began to take hold – little did we all know of the year that was about to unfold. Not one of us could have imagined the impact of this virus on Australia and rest of the world. The shock impact of COVID has brought significant change, change to our lives, our thinking and our processes.

And with change comes opportunity, and that we have in abundance!

Our humble, amazing team are the engine at Sullivan Dewing. Together we work with business owners to create change, change in their businesses and in their personal financial positions. We do this using clear strategic direction, backed by powerful tax and business knowledge, to make sure that the profit that is created is distributed tax effectively to the families, to build their personal wealth.

I am proud to say that from this choice to challenge, Sullivan Dewing is a business where there is no focus on gender, our complete focus is working with our amazing clients to create fabulous financial outcomes, and to train and develop this incredible group of people that we call the SD team.

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