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How to apply for your Director Identification Number Step by Step Guide

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

From 1 November 2021, all directors of companies, including companies that are Trustees of Trusts and SMSF’s are required to obtain a Director Identification Number (DIN).

A DIN is a unique 15 digit identifier given to a director who has verified their identity with the Australian Business Registry Services. All directors of an Australian registered company, or a director of a foreign company registered with ASIC and carrying on business in Australia (regardless of where you live), need to apply for their own director ID and will keep it forever. It’s free to apply and you only need to apply once.

If you wish to become a director in the future you will need a DIN. You can apply from now and when you must apply depends on the date you became a director.

How to apply for your DIN:

There are three ways to apply for your Directors Identification Number; Online, by phone or paper application. Here are the steps for all three options.

1. ON LINE using myGovID app

The fastest way to receive your DIN is to apply online via the myGov ID app using the following steps:

  1. Set up myGovID – the myGovID app can be downloaded to your smart device and provides access to government online services including myGov.

To set up your MyGovID you will need to;

  • Download the myGovID app

  • Enter your details including full name, Date of Birth and email address

  • Choose your identity strength (For a DIN you need STANDARD)

  • For a Standard strength you will need to enter your personal details and verify at least two of the following Australian Identity documents (name must match):

    • Drivers License

    • Passport

    • Birth Certificate

    • Visa

    • Citizenship Certificate

    • Immi Card

    • Medicare Card.

Please note myGovID and myGov are different. Your myGovID is your digital identity and unique to you. The myGovID app lets you prove who you are and securely sign in to participating government online services, including myGov. Your myGov account lets you link to government services online in one place. You can access online services like Medicare, Centrelink and ATO.

2. Gather identification documents - including your tax file number, residential address (as held by the ATO) and two of the following identity verification documents:

Bank account details

  • ATO notice of assessment

  • Super account details

  • Dividend statement

  • Centrelink payment summary

  • PAYG payment summary

3. Complete Director ID application – once your identity is verified in myGovID, you can then complete your application via ABRS online.

2. Phone Application

To apply by phone, you will need:

  • an individual Australian tax file number (TFN). Providing your TFN is optional but it speeds up the process.

  • your residential address as held by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

  • answers to two questions based on details we know about you

  • two Australian identity documents – one primary and one secondary.

    • Primary documents include Australian full birth certificate, Passport, Citizenship certificate, ImmiCard or Visa

    • Secondary documents include Medicare card, Australian driver’s license

You can phone Australian Business Registry Services between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on 13 62 50.

3. Paper Application

Phone to apply for a Director ID via paper application. The phone number is 13 62 50.

This is a slower process. In addition to the information requested on the application form, you will need to provide certified copies of one primary and two secondary identity documents. Note the copy cannot be certified by your accountant or tax agent. It needs to be a Justice of the Peace, Medical Practitioner, Solicitor or Police Officer. For a list of acceptable certifiers visit HERE.

A primary identification document is

  • Australian full birth certificate (extracts and commemorative certificates are not acceptable)

  • Australian passport (including passports that have expired in the past two years)

  • Australian citizenship certificate or extract from a Register of Citizenship by Descent

  • Foreign passport

Secondary documents

  • Medicare card

  • Australian driver's licence or Australian learner's permit. This must show your photo and signature, and the address on the card must match the details on your application.

Foreign Directors

To complete your application, you will need to lodge a paper application and provide:

  • A certified copy of one primary document, such as a foreign birth certificate or foreign passport, and

  • A certified copy of one secondary document, such as a national photo ID or driver’s license.

Your documents must be certified by Notary publics or staff at your nearest Australian embassy, high commission or consulate, including consulates headed by Austrade honorary consuls. Phone to apply for a Director ID via paper application. The phone number is 13 62 50.

What do I do with the DIN once I have it?

When you receive your director ID, you need to give it to your corporation record-holder. This could be your company secretary, another director, contact person or an authorised agent of the company such as your Accountant.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this process please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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