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JobKeeper Monthly Reporting Your Essential Completion Guide

Updated: May 21, 2020

The ATO has just released JobKeeper Steps 2 and 3 on the Business, Tax and BAS Agent Portals. These steps will:

  • Confirm the number of eligible employees for the chosen period

  • Report turnover for the actual reporting month and projected for next month

  • Confirm bank account details and allow changes if required

These steps MUST be completed by the 7th of the month following the end of each month BEFORE the ATO will reimburse you your JobKeeper payments. There is an extension for April’s reporting, where final payrolls for periods ending 26 April MUST be paid by Friday 8th May to your employees to be eligible for April JobKeeper.  You have until 31 May to complete the below steps for April.  For the month's May to September, these steps need to be completed by the 7th of the following month. How you complete these steps will depend on whether you

  • Report payroll via the Single Touch Payroll (STP) system OR

  • Don’t use STP

If using STP, details of your eligible employees will already have been sent to the ATO if you have followed the steps provided by your software provider. If not using STP you will need to provide details of your eligible employees via this process to the ATO. EMPLOYERS WHO USE STP AND HAVE NOTIFIED THE ATO OF THEIR ELIGIBLE EMPLOYEES VIA STP Action 1Log onto the Tax Agent or Business Portal Action 2 Access the JobKeeper section on the Portal via Business/JobKeeper Enrol Action 3 Check the ATO identifies you as enrolled, then click on ‘Identify’ button

Action 4 - You will get a reminder about Employer and Employee eligibility and nomination notice before clicking ‘Next’

Action 5 – Select the Month for which you are applying.

You will get a confirmation as per below:

Action 6 – Input Business Participant Details if you are nominating one. You will need TFN, Date of Birth and bank details – use the business entity bank details.

Once you have completed the details or selected ‘No’, click Next

Action 7EMPLOYERS WHO DO NOT USE STP (If you do use STP, employee details will be pre-filled if you have followed your software provider’s steps to set up your employees for JobKeeper) This is where you need to manually add eligible employees. If you have more than 40 employees, you will need to follow the ATO instructions and upload a CSV file as advised by the ATO.

If you have less than 40 employees:

  • Click on the Add button for each employee you are adding

  • Enter the employee’s TFN

  • Enter the employees Date of Birth

The ATO will check and match what you input with their details.

As you add employees, you will also need to select their JobKeeper Status and Save each Employee. Keep adding all your employees until you finish.

Once you click Save, a confirmation screen will appear, click Next to continue:

Action 8– You make the ‘Business Monthly Declaration’ by declaring:

  • Your Reporting Month Turnover

  • Your Projected Month Turnover

  • Checking the bank account details

Then you are DONE! You will complete this same process by the 7th of each month until October 2020. This is what it looks like at the ATO for April 2020 once you have completed April:

Phew!  How are you feeling?!

We are happy to help you do this, or have a go yourself – if you have any questions at all, we are here to help.

Jeni, Terry & the SD Team

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