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JobKeeper 2.0 December Monthly Declaration Deadline Extended to 28 January 2021

JobKeeper Deadlines Extended

  • The December monthly declaration which would normally be required by the 14th January is NOW required by 28 January 2021

  • The form to complete the declaration will be available from the 4th of January

Remember Your Top Up Payments

  • Any JobKeeper top up payment for FN20 (21 December - Sunday 3rd January ) can be paid by the end of Monday 4th January to meet the wage condition

  • Any JobKeeper top up payments for FN21 (4 January – 17 January) & FN22 (18 January – 31 January) can be paid by 31 January to meet the wage condition

  • For entities continuing JobKeeper you will need to declare your decline in turnover (for the December Quarter) before lodging your claim form for the month of January. Form available from 4 January 2021

If You Are Finishing Up With JobKeeper at 31.12.20:

End of JobKeeper 2 Extension#1

  • If you have received JobKeeper from October to December 2020; the final fortnight ends on the 3rd January 2021. Pays made on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of January are included in the December Monthly Claim Form

  • Remember to “Finish” your employees within your payroll system to alert the ATO at FN21

If You Are Starting JobKeeper at 1.1.21:

Start of JobKeeper 2 Extension #2

  • If you have a had a Decline in Turnover for the October to December quarter (ending 31 December) of >30%, you may be eligible for continuing JobKeeper from January to March 2021

  • The same Decline in Turnover calculation applies to the quarter ended December 2020

  • New entities who are enrolling for the extension into JobKeeper for January to March can declare a decline in turnover by 31 January 2021

  • You will need to adjust your payroll amounts with JobKeeper 2 Extension #2

  • Tier 1 changes to $1,000 (from $1,200) and Tier 2 changes to $650 (from $750)

If you have any questions on JobKeeper 2.0 at all, please contact your personal Client Manager.

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