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Key Tips To Becoming Financially Well Organised

Jennifer Palmer - Feb 2020

Our focus at Sullivan Dewing is to achieve the best financial outcomes for our clients by helping them increase profits, reduce tax, create wealth and protect their assets.  The first step is to ensure you are financially well organised. Read More

For how long could you leave your business?

Jennifer Palmer - Nov 2019

With some quiet time coming up over the Xmas holiday season we thought it would be a good opportunity for you to reflect on your business. Read More

FBT and Christmas parties

Jennifer Palmer - Sep 2019

FBT and Christmas Parties Read More

Spring Clean your Finances

Jennifer Palmer - Sep 2019

With the sun coming out this is a great time of year to spring clean your business finances and make sure they’re on track to achieve your goals. The problem is you have so much on your plate you don't know where to start.  The easiest way to start your Spring Clean is to look where the low hanging fruit is...identify where there are opportunities to make small changes that will make a big difference to your profit and cashflow. Read More

Simple Strategies to Grow Your Business

Jennifer Palmer - Sep 2019

There are just 4 ways to grow your business. Read More

Profit: Are you getting any?

Jennifer Palmer - Aug 2019
Imagine you are a juggler with 5 balls in the air.  This is something like what a business owner must feel when managing their business. Four of the balls are the same colour representing product, sales, marketing and people.  All important for a business to survive and grow.  The fifth ball is profit - the most important ball to keep in the air.  Why?  Too many people make the mistake of focusing on sales alone.  You should never take your eye of the profit ball.  Remember the saying; sales are for dreams, profits are for keeps. Read More

Tax Tips for the end of financial year

Jennifer Palmer - May 2019

 Read More

Opposition’s Reply to the 2019 Federal Budget - Review

Jennifer Palmer - Apr 2019

Labor have made a commitment to tax reform in their reply to the Federal Budget.  Here are the key takeouts from Labour.
 Read More

2019 Federal Budget Review

Jennifer Palmer - Apr 2019

The 2019 Federal Budget has been released, forecasting a return to surplus of $7.1Bn next financial year with a continued focus on tax relief. Personal income tax offsets are proposed immediately for low and middle income earners and favourable bracket adjustments are to come into effect by 2024/25. Small business tax relief includes an extension to the instant asset write-off until 30 June 2020 and an increase to the claimable threshold to $30,000 per asset. There are a collection of spending measures aimed at bolstering education, healthcare, defence and “congestion-busting” infrastructure. As with each year, it is important to note that these changes are proposed, and still need to pass through parliament before becoming law.   Read More

What makes a successful business?

Jennifer Palmer - Mar 2019

Regardless of your definition, there are a number of common characteristics of a successful business.

Successful business owners focus on the following key areas: Read More

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